Up Close Photos Of Flying WWII Fighter Planes

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These original pictures feature actual World War II fighter planes (such as the P-51 mustang, P51B and P-47’s) soaring through the air en route to completing their various missions. Some of these planes, such as some of the P-51’s, were used to escort the big bombers to and from their missions. You can actually see some of the pilot’s faces, which are no doubt a bit concerned about the potential danger they are about to enter into. In some of the pictures you can see the various “nose art”, which frequently included unique names such as “Ferocious Frankie” and “Miss Ruth.”


Several of the photos depict the historic 201st Mexican Fighter Squadron (Escuadron Aereo de Pelea 201); the only military unit to have ever taken part in a war outside of Mexico. These fighters were part of the battle to liberate the Philippines in 1945.


You can see the formations they are flying in and how disciplined they must have been. This same type of discipline has likely not changed, but the present day planes are certainly sleeker and much faster. These historic moments are definitely worth remembering, and never forgetting for that matter.


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