UK Royal Marines in action: can you hang?

Posted by MachosMag in Science August 30, 2011 / 4632 views

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The British Royal Marines are definitely no cowards when it comes to defending the queen and her flock. These bad boys are highly trained for amphibious, arctic and mountain warfare, which essentially means that they can handle wet, dry and cold weather with ease. These pictures illustrate how intense the training is for these tough characters. Very few people could hang with their rigorous training regime.


Going back to World War II this group of armed adrenaline junkies played a critical part in most if not all of the battles fought on the water. They also took part in a great deal of action on the shores by providing their superior sea fighting and gunnery proficiency. Basically these guys charged into many battles and helped win key battles during that world changing war. All of the training really paid off, and continues to until this day.


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