Insanely Flexible Women Who Are Also Super Hot

Posted by MachosMag in Girls August 29, 2011 / 20314 views

Tags: beautiful, blondes, delicious, fetish, sporty, weird

Flexibility and hotness do not always go hand in hand, but these ladies are proving that if you can bend your body into a pretzel you can also be extremely sexy. Most of these ladies were born with the ability to twist their bodies into seemingly inhuman shapes, and we thank them for that. It goes without saying that these hotties must be a whole lot of fun in between the sheets.

If your girlfriend could put her legs over the back of her head wouldn’t you ask her to do it all the time? Zlata, known as “The Rubber Girl” may be one of the most well known contortionists in the world. She was born with a condition that makes her tendons very flexible, meaning that you shouldn’t try her moves at home. How fortunate that she is also very attractive.


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