Half naked mud-wrestling chicks

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When it comes to hot chicks in bikinis and mud, there is really nothing better than seeing them rolling around in it and gleefully touching each other. These pictures will give you a taste of the sensational phenomenon known as girl on girl mud-wrestling that continues to sweep the nation. Once you have a group of drunk men with the intention of getting even drunker, throwing down a blow up pool, filling it with mud and tossing in some hot chicks will always keep them coming back. Is there really anything like watching screaming, flailing, grunting and groping girl on girl action that is happening right before your very eyes? This kind of sexual stimulation beats Internet porn any day of the week.


If there is one thing about chicks getting slimy in mud and trying to pin one another to the ground, it is that they tend to grab handfuls of tits and ass while they do it. Many of these pictures prove this point by showing some topless girls rubbing on their breasts and seemingly loving every minute of it. If I’m not mistaken we might have some lesbians, or at least lesbian curious women partaking in mud wrestling events. What bi curious girl doesn’t want to sit on top of a hot chick in a bikini and be able to touch her every body part? What guy, for that matter, doesn’t want to watch this kind of tantalizing event?


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